In the universe of men’s backpacks bags is undoubtedly one of the most used models and able to adapt to a very large clientele, in terms of age and lifestyle. That’s why Mavica offers you a rich collection of men’s backpacks signed by well-known international fashion brands. Choose the model that best suits your practical needs and your tastes in fashion! Sporty or sophisticated, men’s backpacks bags look good both with free-time outfits made up of jeans, sweatshirt and one of the winter jackets on Mavica, both with something more formal, like a work suit and leather lace-up shoes. Regardless of the design used, they are all extremely functional and capable of accompanying you in the thousand commitments of your day. It is no coincidence, in fact, that this type of bag never goes out of fashion and is an authentic evergreen of the male wardrobe!

Don’t miss the rich and varied collection of men’s backpacks!
The backpacks are very practical because they are worn on the back leaving your hands free: you can use them on a motorcycle, on public transport or for a trip to the mountains. For every occasion there is the perfect model: for work or study, for example, choose something large with a PC compartment and pockets for pens and mobile phones. Instead, for an excursion at high altitude, he focuses on sports men’s backpacks with back reinforcements. The most used materials are canvas, leather and technical fabrics, which come in a wide range of colors: from the perfect basic tones for traditionalist men, to bright colors and multicolor prints, suitable for those with a youthful spirit. And on winter days? Wear a waterproof fabric model to wear with other products from the men’s rainwear collection!